Hello everyone! :] I am Dani!

I am 19 years old! 01/13/2004

I love Rabbits and Clowns!

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Project: Renovate my entire neocities 5/21/2023

My goal for as of right now is to renovate my neocities entirely, I will start this journey now that I will be able to have more time for myself, I think this could a cool little project I can keep myself busy with. I often struggled with motivation and I want to change that, I've been putting off my neocities for far too long now haha!

So yeah! That's basically the jist of it, hopefully I will be able to use this more often from now on!

Life Update 9/4/2023

Getting to work on this website again! A lot has happened in my life over the past few months since I last updated this. I recently got into college, (Computer Science Major) and that's been going pretty well honestly. Maybe on my free time I can continue to work on my passion projects!