The Skeld was the first map ever made for Among Us! It is set in a spaceship in outer space, it's also the first map that is automatically selected for you if you open the game for the first time! It has 14 locations and 14 vents, each location containing atleast 2 tasks. There are 27 tasks in total and 4 of those are visual tasks, which if enabled, might help prove you're innocent to other crewmates.


The Skeld Cafeteria:

The cafeteria is where you spawn once you start the game, it is also where the emergency button is located if you wish to report an impostor or have suspicion of one. In the top right side of the cafeteria you are able to throw out the trash into space and download data, while on the top left you're able to fix wires! There is a vent placed on the bottom right making it easier for imposters to navigate back to the spawn point and press the emergency button. The settings (laptop) in freeplay of The Skeld is also resided here, at the table in the top left corner.